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Aberdeen City - 12 Lodges

Lodge numberLodge NameMeetings
13The Lodge of AberdeenCrown Street 2nd and 4th Mon- Oct to March
54St MacharCrown Street 1st and 3rd Mon- Sep to April
93St NicholasCrown Street 1st and 3rd Wed.- Sep to April
110St AndrewCrown Street 1st and 3rd Thurs.- Oct to April with the exception of January
150OperativeCrown Street 1st and 3rd Tues.- Sep to April
164The Lodge of Old AberdeenOld Coach House Alternate Tuesdays from Last Tuesday in August to April
190St GeorgeCrown Street 2nd and 4th Tuesday- Sep to May
319St MacharWoodside Masonic Hall Every Tuesday- Sep to April
375NeptuneCrown Street 2nd and 4th Mon- 4th Mon in August until 4th Mon in April
669Bon AccordCrown Street 2nd and 4th Wed - Sep to April
688St ClementCrown Street 2nd and 4th Thurs- Sep to April
1451Sons of the SoilCrown Street 1st and 3rd Wed - Oct to April
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